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Charlotte Bundgaard (Danish Institute in Rome)

Marble Cultures. How architectural heritage meets contemporary building practices

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Christine Casey (Trinity College Dublin)

Craft value: the agency and impact of craftsmanship in the architecture of Britain and Ireland, 1680-1780

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Grégoire Extermann (Universidad de Sevilla)

Les routes du marbre. La sculpture entre Gênes et l’Espagne à la première moitié du XVI siècle

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Jonathan Foote (Aarhus School of Architecture, Danemark)

Nordic Marble

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Joris van Gastel (Universität Zürich)

Marble and Materiality in the Kingdom of Naples           

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Marthe Kretzschmar (Universität Wien)

The Materiality of Marble in 18th Century French Sculpture            

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Ruggero Longo (Bibliotheca Hertziana/IMT Lucca) 

Mapping Sacred Spaces – The Digital Archive Project            

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Anna Frasca-Rath (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Tender Hands and Rough Stone. Sculpture’s Stereotypes of Gender and Making. 1550-2022

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Ariane Varela Braga (Universität Zürich/Académie de France à Rome–Villa Medici)

Marble. Identity, memory and materiality, from Italian unification to fascism

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CECHAP (Portugal)

Património e História da Indústria dos Mármores (PHIM) / Heritage and History of the Marble Industry

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